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Phone: +64 3 5278 432
Location: Opposite 1 Harvey Road, Marahau, Motueka

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We are a small community of artists who pride ourselves on our work, which is handmade here on the premises. Each piece contains part of the magic of the surrounding environment and is made in the true spirit of creativity. A lot of the sculptures and instruments have been gifted to the gallery by other artists and are not for sale but are here for every visitor to enjoy.  The money earned from the pieces that are for sale is invested back into more creativity. Feel free to take photos and purchase something special for yourselves or as a gift.

The gallery was started in 1997. It was originally an old fisherman's hut that had fallen into disrepair and was looking very sad. Now it lives on, restored as the Arts Unique Gallery.

We hope each year to create another sculpture and weave them into the history of Marahau.

We hope that you can feel the spirit of the energy here.

Latest artwork

Bronze Koru

Bronze Koru symbolizing new beginnings and new growth.

Comes with an adjustable handmade black...

95.00 NZD
Bronze Landscape

Bronze double sided pendant inlaid with Paua for the ocean, mother of pearl for the mountains and sun, and...

165.00 NZD
Bronze Protector of Travellers

By connecting the hook and the spiral, this shape creates a flow of energy with no beginning or ending....

90.00 NZD
Bronze Unconditional Love

The triple spiral represents flowing over and past each other in harmony. No beginning, no

90.00 NZD
Bronze Live From the Heart

The dominant heart shape in this design
develops into an outward spiral. It symbolises growth,...

90.00 NZD

Suggested artwork

Small Oval Landscape Golden Sun

Sterling Silver Double sided pendant inlaid with 18k Gold Sun, Jade tree & mountains, mother of pearl...

360.00 NZD
Bronze Triple Spiral

Comes in a beautiful native timber Rimu box.

140.00 NZD
SS Knot

Unique sterling silver spiral knot lashed with a black cord.

95.00 NZD
Aphrodite Portrait Carving

A portrait of Aphrodite carved out of a red beech root burl. On a forged steel display stand.

800.00 NZD
Love Flute

An unusual flute with a soulful sound, also known as the love flute as it was played by warriors during...

225.00 NZD

Bronze Lovers on Rimu.

1,400.00 NZD

Mayan glyph symbol of a Jaguar carved with cow bone inlaid with brass eye. Comes with a braided cord in (...

115.00 NZD

Whole black lipped mother of pearl shell carving.

175.00 NZD
Jade Hei Tiki

Jade Tiki stainless eyes, Comes with a braided cord in (black/ brown/ tan) in a pouch.

235.00 NZD


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